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What have you been told about tooth enamel? Did you know that your teeth’s enamel is actually one of the hardest substances throughout your body? Furthermore, did you know that your enamel will actually strengthen itself? In reality, even though your enamel is hard, it can still be damaged or worn down. However, once your enamel is damaged, it won’t protect your smile as well as it would otherwise. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to deal with signs of weakened enamel.

For instance, have you heard that starches and sugar could damage your enamel if you don’t keep your teeth clean? As a general rule, you’ll also need to follow a balanced diet if you’re hoping to protect your oral health. You should also drink water after you eat. Doing so can rinse harmful debris from your teeth and your gums. Sadly, enamel can also be damaged because of illnesses and other dental issues you can’t prevent. There are also medications that could damage your pearly whites.

If your teeth are yellowed, your dentin—which is the layer below your enamel—may be exposed. Transparent teeth may be another indicator that your enamel is thin or weak. Rounded teeth might also be a sign of trouble. Finally, please note that bruxism might actually cause cracks in your smile.

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