You can trust dentist Michael Doty to work with you to restore the health, structure, and function of your smile with a full mouth restoration or reconstruction. Dr. Doty’s extensive training allows us to provide numerous high-quality restorative services at our office. And, in combination with our team of oral surgery, orthodontic, periodontal, and endodontic specialists, Dr. Doty develops in-depth treatment options to replace your severely injured, damaged, misaligned, or decayed teeth for a healthier, happier you.

Full mouth reconstruction often involves restoring many or all of the teeth in the mouth. Depending on your specific dental needs, full mouth reconstruction in Abingdon, Virginia, can include several types of dental treatments, including:

• Dental bonding
• Dental bridges
• Dental implants
• Dental inlays or onlays
• Dental veneers
• Dentures (complete or partial)
• Periodontal (gum) treatment
• Root canal treatment
• Tooth extraction
• Orthodontics

During your consultation with Dr. Doty, he will educate you on the current conditions he sees, the concerns if the conditions continue untreated, and the potential outcomes of various treatment options. Then, together, you will determine which treatment options are best based on the specifics of your dental concerns. You may benefit from full mouth reconstruction if your smile is affected by any of the following dental problems:

• Multiple chipped or broken teeth
• Cracked or fractured teeth
• Extensive tooth decay
• Periodontal disease (gum disease)
• Dental injury or trauma
• Extensive wear
• Tooth erosion from acid reflux or GERD

If you think that you may need partial or full mouth reconstruction, we encourage you to call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Doty. We are here to help you enjoy your smile again!