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If you’re unhappy with the way a tooth looks, or wish you drastically improve the protection it receives, consider a tooth prosthetic restoration in the form of a dental crown. Dental crowns are durable caps that go over the top of teeth to add protection for the tooth and prevent future damage from arising. Furthermore, dental crowns are customizable to help you achieve your oral health care needs both aesthetically and for optimum health.

If you have a severely damaged tooth that requires a complete cap, look no further than a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to protect weak or broken teeth and can even be used in situations where a tooth has shattered into bits. With a dental crown, it can hold them together once more and provide functional support to the tooth once again.

A dental crown can even add an additional layer of protection to protect the tooth for decades to come. In situations where a cavity is needed to be filled in with a dental filling, but not enough tooth remains to hold the filling, a dental crown can be used to support both the filling and the tooth. Dental crowns also effective for covering up previous treatments, and they have been proven safe and effective for children who are at high risk for tooth decay.

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