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It can be difficult to maintain excellent oral health and a smile that you love if you have suffered extensive tooth loss following disease or trauma. We are pleased to provide partial and full dentures to help you have a beautiful smile following moderate or severe tooth loss.

We are happy to help you arrange a visit with Dr. Michael Doty to discuss if the placement of a partial or complete denture can help you have the smile you want. Both types of dentures offer natural results to improve your smile by filling empty spaces in your smile. The difference between these types is that partial dentures replace one or several teeth by attaching to the neighboring natural teeth, while complete dentures suction to the roof of the mouth to fill a full arch of teeth.

Receiving dentures for the first time can result in some necessary adjustment for your smile, especially in the first few days. You could have an increased production of saliva at first, but speaking and chewing often with your dentures can help you master them quickly.

You are welcome to contact Michael D. Doty, DDS at 276-628-6251 today if you are considering tooth replacement such as dentures in Abingdon, Virginia, and would like to consult with our friendly dentist and team.