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When dental implants first came out they were only used to replace single teeth. Over the past two decades dental technology has improved, and now implants can be used in a variety of ways. A prime example of this is the ability to replace several teeth at once by using a dental bridge.

People who have a dental bridge installed should know that brushing and flossing can’t be neglected just because the bridge and the titanium abutments that anchor it in place are not subject to decay. If food particles and plaque are allowed to build up on a dental bridge, it can form tartar on the gum line. This puts the patient at risk of developing a gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease, such as periodontitis, can weaken your abutments, and cause you to lose your dental bridge.

Patients who have trouble or difficulty in cleaning their dental bridge are advised to try using things such as a waxed floss threader, dental water jet, or interdental brushes.

People with dental bridges should also be sure to come in for regular cleanings so that your dentist Dr. Michael Doty can monitor the implant and the health of the gums. he can also remove any tartar development during your cleaning.

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