Making Your Smile Beautiful

Halitosis Causes Problems–We Have the Solutions!

Here at Michael D. Doty, DDS in Abingdon, Virginia, we understand how embarrassing it can be to suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis. With so many holidays approaching, it can be embarrassing when you meet with your friends or family with bad breath. That is why our team has provided you with information on the causes of halitosis,... read more »

Diabetes Can Impact Your Oral Health

Did you know that diabetes affects nearly 10% of the nation’s population? That number more than doubles if you consider people who are pre-diabetic. And while diabetes primarily affects a person’s ability to deal with glucose in the blood, it can also impact other systems of the body, including sight, weight management, and nerves. Its effects can also be seen... read more »

Are You at Risk for Cavities?

Your healthy smile can be affected by cavities even with the best of care. But there are risk factors that can increase the chances of cavities. Today, we are going to be examining those risk factors, giving you an idea of what you can do to help mindfully mitigate these factors. Where is the tooth at? The teeth most affected... read more »